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 Spider Logo    The Spider Project supports public service innovation using design in European Regions

About the Project

SPIDER (Supporting Public Service Innovation using Design in European Regions) officially started on 1st January 2013 and will run for 2.5 years.

The project aims to deliver innovative solutions to Europe’s toughest social challenges by engaging public services and citizens in an ambitious programme of service design projects.

As you are no doubt aware, public services face complex challenges such as high unemployment, an ageing population and higher expectations from citizens. At the same time budgets are being cut across Europe as public services feel the full force of the recession. The SPIDER project will use service design to demonstrate, through a series of projects, how design can deliver tangible solutions to address many of these issues.

Service design is a problem-solving process that will bring a creative and user-centered approach to these issues. It has been used widely within the private sector, however it has never been deployed by public services on a pan-European scale such as this.

The approach will be used by SPIDER projects in Wales, Belgium, France and Ireland, resulting in two key outcomes:

1: SPIDER will use service design to create 10 cost-effective, creative and user-centered services that deliver tangible improvements for citizens.

2: SPIDER will train 400 public service managers in design methods and tools that will ensure the approaches used within SPIDER are embedded within each public authority.


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