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Submission to the Consultation on Investing in our Transport Future

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Oct 2014The Border Midland and Western (BMW) Regional Assembly1 welcomes this opportunity to make a submission to this consultation on the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s Investing in our Transport Future: A Strategic Framework for Investment in Land Transport.

It is acknowledged that the Framework for Investment in Land Transport is a high level strategic planning framework rather than an investment plan with prioritised projects and this approach is reflecting in the main body of the submission. It is however important that the projects selected for progression over the coming years are consistent with the overall strategy and with other overarching national and regional strategies, including the relevant Regional Planning Guidelines and the National Spatial Strategy and their future iterations in the process of preparation. For this reason this submission refers to a number of strategically relevant transport projects (see Annexes 1-3) that have been agreed as part of policy adopted at Regional level (former NUTS III), based on the policies and priorities contained within the NSS. These priorities should be progressed by the Department and the agencies acting under its aegis over the lifetime of the strategy.

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