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Mullingar Town Centre Enhancement Project

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Designated Urban Centre Grants Scheme under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020

Mullingar Town Centre Enhancement Project


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Back Row: Raymond Holbeach RPS, Russell Harris RPS; and  Paul McCool, Martin Murray, Pat Kavanagh (Westmeath County Council)

Front Row:  Pat Gallagher, Chief Executive Westmeath County Council, Frank McDermott Chairman of WCC, John Shaw Mayor of Mullingar Municipal District, Willie Madden Director RPS – Consulting Engineers,  Eoin Colgan Senior Associate RPS – Consulting Engineers ltd and  Barry Guckian Assistant Director, Northern and Western Regional Assembly


Mullingar Town Centre Enhancement Project

Consultants have been appointed to design the Mullingar Town Centre Enhancement Project.

RPS Consulting Engineers, one of Irelands leading Consulting Engineering groups, has been appointed for the design of the Enhancement of Mullingar town centre which will involve Urban Architectural design to enhance Public Realm and associated Traffic Engineering solutions. The €3m project is funded 50% by Westmeath County Council and 50% by the Designated Urban Centre Grants Scheme Regional Operational Programmes under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme.

The project will involve a major traffic study within the current orbital road network including junction movements throughout the town and following an analysis of this information a new traffic plan will be formulated for Mullingar which will determine future infrastructural requirements which will form a design to encourage a modal shift and alleviate traffic and parking congestion within the streets and create vibrant and sustainable urban spaces.

Specifically this part of the project entails the following elements:-
• Creation of public space at Pearse Street-Castle Street junction;
• Public space at Market Square – Mount street enhancement;
• Dominick Square;
• Blackhall Street linkages to car parks.

The Council aims to achieve the following in relation to Urban Design in the town:
• To promote quality of the public realm: public spaces and routes that are attractive, safe, uncluttered and work effectively for all in society, including people with disabilities and elderly people.

• To promote ease of movement: accessibility and local permeability; by making places that connect with each other and are easy to move through, putting people before traffic and integrating land uses and transport.

• To promote continuity and enclosure; the continuity of street frontages and the enclosure of space by development which clearly defines private and public areas.

• Urban Enhancement and environmental improvements are key tools in the delivery of this vision, which are reflected in the Mullingar Local Area Plan 2014-2020. The proposed works seek to revitalise, regenerate and improve the urban environment along the principal shopping street and within the primary civic space in the town core.
• To promote legibility through development that provides recognisable routes, intersections and landmarks to help people find their way around.

• To promote adaptability through development that can respond to changing social, technological and economic conditions.

• To promote diversity and choice through a mix of compatible developments and uses that work together to create viable places that respond to local needs.


Following a preliminary design which is expected to be complete in January 2017 public meetings will be held with all stakeholders in order to inform and take on board any concerns which may arise.

It is expected that construction work for this phase of the project will commence in summer 2017 and be completed by spring 2018

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