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Monitoring Unit

The Monitoring Unit is responsible for a number of functions relating to the management and implementation of the Operational Programme, the Unit is also responsible for the collection and provision of data relating to financial and physical indicators.

Management of the Operational Programme is the responsibility of the Managing Authority under the control of the Operational Programme Monitoring Committee. The Northern and Western Regional Assembly has been designated as the Managing Authority for the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme. The Managing Authority shall be responsible for managing and implementing the Operational Programme in accordance with the principles of sound financial management. The implementation of the Operational Programme will be overseen by the Operational Programme Monitoring Committee. The Managing Authority and the Monitoring Committee will carry out their monitoring role with reference to financial and physical indicators.

Managing Authority

The responsibilities of the Managing Authority with regard to the management of the Operational Programme are defined under Article 60 of the general regulation, and include:

  1. ensuring that operations are selected for funding in accordance with the criteria applicable to the Operational Programme and that they comply, for their whole implementation period, with applicable Community and national rules;

  2. verifying the delivery of the co-financed products and services and that the expenditure declared by the beneficiaries for operations has actually been incurred and complies with Community and national rules, as detailed in article 13(2) of the implementation regulation and in accordance with procedures provided for under article 74 (2) of the general regulation, relating to proportional control arrangements;

  3. ensuring that there is a system for recording and storing in computerised form accounting records of each operation under the Operational Programme and that the data on implementation necessary for financial management, monitoring, verifications, audits and evaluation is collected;

  4. ensuring that beneficiaries and other bodies involved in the implementation of operations maintain either a separate accounting system or an adequate accounting code for all transactions relating to the operation without prejudice to national accounting rules;

  5. ensuring that the evaluations of Operational Programmes referred to in Article 48(3) are carried out in accordance with Article 47;

  6. setting up procedures to ensure that all documents regarding expenditure and audits required to ensure an adequate audit trail are held in accordance with the requirements of article 90;

  7. ensuring that the certifying authority shall receive all necessary information on the procedures and verifications carried out in relation to expenditure for the purpose of certification;

  8. guiding the work of the Monitoring Committee and providing it with the documents required to permit the quality of the implementation of the Operational Programme to be monitored in the light of its specific goals;

  9. drawing up and, after approval by the Monitoring Committee, submitting to the Commission the annual and final reports on implementation;

  10. ensuring compliance with the information and publicity requirements laid down in Article 69;

  11. providing the Commission with information to allow it to appraise major projects; and

  12. chairing and providing the secretariat for the Monitoring Committee.


Operational Programme Monitoring Committee 2007 – 2013



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