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Under Article 65 of the general regulation, the Monitoring Committee shall satisfy itself as to the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of EU co-financed expenditure, in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. it shall consider and approve the criteria for selecting the operations financed within six months of the approval of the Operational Programme and approve any revision of those criteria in accordance with programming needs;

  2. it shall periodically review progress made towards achieving the specific targets of the Operational Programme on the basis of documents submitted by the Managing Authority;
  3. it shall examine the results of implementation, particularly achievement of the targets set for each priority axis and the evaluations referred to in Article 48 (3);
  4. it shall consider and approve the annual and final reports on implementation referred to in Article 67;
  5. it shall be informed of the annual control report, or of the part of the report referring to the Operational Programme concerned, and of any relevant comments the Commission may make after examining that report or relating to that part of the report;
  6. it may propose to the Managing Authority any revision or examination of the Operational Programme likely to make possible the attainment of the Funds’ objectives referred to in Article 3 or to improve its management, including its financial management; and
  7. it shall consider and approve any proposal to amend the content of the Commission decision on the contribution of the Funds.

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