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June-July 2014 (issue 113)

Comment are off
Call: Road Safety
Call: Diversifying Tourism
Call: Sector Skills Councils
Call: Twinning & Networking of Towns and Civil Society Projects.
Broadband: new local financing & support package
Clare wave energy technology project secures €23m.
Ireland reveals LEADER approach
6th Cohesion Report
Project: eDIGIREGION – South-East digital technology cluster
Circular Economy proposals
Cities & Regions seek involvement
Green Action Plan for SMEs
Local Authorities to be reclassified as ‘’Lobbyists’’
‘Urban Agenda’
Joined-up research funding: ambitions coming too late?
Local Actions for Energy Security
Drinking Water consultation
MEPs’ committee positions
Disabled ‘Access City’ awards
Ireland late on HGV road charging
’Big Data’ Strategy
Structural Funds to fight poverty
ICT and Regional Investment
Week of Regions and Cities 2014

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