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The Border Midland and Western Regional Assembly as Managing Authority of the Border Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 is responsible for a wide range of information and publicity actions. The primary aim of OP level publicity is to highlight the role of the OP, the activities of the Monitoring Committee and the contribution of the structural funds. The Managing Authority is responsible for ensuring that EU Structural funds publicity requirements are met for the OP, and in particular is responsible for ensuring that the Intermediary Bodies for the various themes under the OP are in full compliance with the EU information and publicity requirements.

The Commission Regulations on Information and Publicity for the 2007-13 programme period are set out in Articles 2 to 10 of the Implementation Regulation 1828/2006, and do not have a separate regulation as applied under the 2000-2006 round of funding.  Under these regulations, a Communications Action Plan has been completed and approved by the EU Commission.

This Communications Action Plan sets out a comprehensive communications strategy for the overall National Strategic Reference Framework and the Regional Operational Programmes. As part of this strategy detailed guidelines on the use of logos, taglines and thresholds for the display of acknowledgement plaques and billboards have being prepared and are available here.

The logos can be downloaded here: (right click, save as)

Ireland Harp Logo



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