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The Finance Unit of the Assembly has two principal responsibilities:

Management of the Assembly’s Internal Finances

  1. to maintain Assembly’s consolidated accounting records and bank accounts
  2. manage payment of staff salaries
  3. Check and prepare all creditor payments in compliance with Prompt Payments legislation and PSWT requirements
  4. prepare recoupment claims for Technical Assistance purposes
  5. prepare and submit recoupment claims under Interreg programmes
  6. preparation of annual Estimate of Expenses
  7. preparation of Annual Financial Statement of Accounts
  8. prepare and submit annual revenue returns
  9. prepare and submit quarterly Departmental returns

10. prepare and process Elected Members Annual Allowance payments

11. check and prepare payment of all adhoc expenses to Elected Members and maintain record of all Travel incurred by Elected Members for Freedom of Information purposes

12. maintain record of all staff timesheets submitted monthly for recoupment purposes

13. Servicing the Local Government Audit function

Financial Management & Control of all Co-financed Activity

  1. Preparation and submission of, as necessary, all responses to queries arising from the closure of the 2000-2006 Operational Programme
  2. Preparation and submission of all expenditure declarations for the 2007-2013 OP
  3. Arrange and document the conduct of all expenditure checks in respect of all expenditure declarations
  4. Ensure all declarations at all levels are properly documented on the EUSF IT system
  5. Liaise with and respond to all audits from national and EU sources
  6. Interreg First Level Control function which verifies all expenditure claims for Atlantic Area and Northern Periphery programmes as well as Interreg 4(c).
  7. Ensuring all beneficiaries receive proper training and guidance on all aspects of expenditure declaration and project eligibility
  8. Manage all expenditure verifications in respect of the €17.15m grant aid under the Gateways and Hubs Scheme
  9. Preparation of financial management and control activities report for the Annual Implementation Report

10. Preparation of an annual report to the OP Monitoring Committee on the expenditure incurred on Technical assistance

11. Preparation and update of procedure manuals in respect of the MA functions and IB functions in respect of TA and the Gateways & Hubs Scheme

12. Undertake the financial control function for Interreg projects led by the BMW Regional Assembly including the collation and checking of partner claims, submission of claims to the JTS, payments to partners and preparation of financial execution reports to the project steering committee.


EU Regulations & National Guidlines

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Programme Executive

Finance Section

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Brendan Mooney

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Gerardine Lafferty
Assistant Staff Officer

Finance Section

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Catherine Burke
Assistant Staff Officer

Finance Section

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