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November-December 2014 (EU Bulletin 115)

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EU News Bulletin from the Irish Regions Brussels Office, with analysis of developments over the last 6 weeks which may be of specific relevance to Ireland’s local and regional levels.

The main focus this month is an extensive look into the €315 billion Junker Investment Package and at precisely how Ireland may benefit based on the wish-list of potential projects already forwarded by government.

Additionally, there are funding and project news articles on:

Ireland’s two new regional programmes approved by Brussels

Opportunities for Future Internet applications funding…including bespoke mobility app development for cities

Launch of two new Strategic Partnerships (KICs): Health and for Raw Materials

The ‘Regions for Recycling’ (R4R) guidelines to help local regional authorities
In terms of news & policy, we look into:

‘Action Clusters’ of Smart Cities – including Cork
Mapping Smart Cities – including Dublin

Promoting local food systems
Fisheries and Tourism guide
Social Investment in Cities: Integrated Services at Local Level

Creative Industries recommendations

…Sligo’s best practice in creative industry support

European Parliament Intergroups

EIB to launch Climate Actions public consultation
Natura 2000 awards

Finally, some upcoming events for the New Year are profiled:

Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities


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